Organic Pigments - Pigment Orange - Pigment Orange 34

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General Information
Product Name Disazo Pyrazolone Orange and Red Pigments
Color Index Name Pigment Orange 34
Color Index Number 21115
CAS number 15793-73-4
Application Plastic, Paint & Ink

Physical Properties
Physical Form Powder
Specific Gravity 1.5
Oil Absorption Value (ml/100gm) 35 to 45
Moisture Content 0.5% Max
Water Solubility 0.5% Max
Bulk Density (gm/cc) 0.35 to 0.45
Fastness Property and Chemical Resistance
Heat Fastness
At 2200C for 10 Minutes Stable
At 2400C for 5 Minutes Stable
At 2800C Not Stable
Light Fastness 5
Solvent Fastness Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent

Available Certification
RoHS (Heavy Metal)
EN 71 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Packging Details
Bag Type HDPE
Bag Size 25 Kg